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“Values Sustainable Communities Produce”

Due to covid-19, people are experiencing drastic change in their lifestyle, whether it’s how people live and work, or with situations regarding real estates and cities. With it being a great turning point in people’s lives, it is an outstanding opportunity for both provincial and urban cities to develop a community with substantial value and construct a city dependent on sustainability.

The pandemic introduced new concepts such as workation, disperse of working offices, and work from home. With that said, “compathy” is seen to become a prioritized aspect when deciding a real estate location, shifting from “accessibility” that was prioritized until recently.

As accommodations, offices, and commercial buildings in urban locations are pressured for “compathy” change, suburban locations and resorts are facing a great opportunity for growth.

The Sustainable Trend that Grips the Key to Rise City Values

The trends listed below have the capability to successfully install a next-generation sustainable model in suburban cities and resorts, and increase global value.

How People Live, Work, and Travel

As traveling to the office everyday is becoming a non-regular task, talented employees shift their priority from “easily accessible city-center locations” to “locations with similar-minded lifestyles”. Globalized people with high levels of education and expertized knowledge have the tendency to show interest in sustainable environments, nature, food, and communities. In addition, “similar-minded things and people” are a valuable aspect in terms of traveling, which is showing an increase in global popularity. Having sustainable communities located at the traveler’s destinations can become a strong motive to revisit the location.

State of Companies

For a company’s selection strategy, it is the basis to acquire well-performing employees. Many of these employees, especially the Millennials find it a vital aspect to have “similar mindsets” to a company, therefore, constructing a sustainable community for global, small and mid-sized companies is a principle when it comes to the competition of obtaining and retaining advanced level human resources.

The Value of Real Estates (Communities)

According to the global leader of real estate ESG investments, Bentall Green Oak, real estate (offices) that have taken higher ESG measures will conclude to favorable economic effects such as higher rent, higher tenant retention rate and lower leasing fees. Compared to similar capacity buildings that have not taken any ESG measures, there is an 8%~10% higher annual revenue. This represents the building itself also having 8%~10% higher value, with increased demand by tenants and real estate users, leaving them with good intentions of paying more rent for such real estate.

Climate Change

The effect we will have on our daily lives due to global climate change may have become more tangible compared to what people thought a few years ago. With damage from natural disasters, regional change due to climate change, and damage on coastal areas due to rising sea levels, it is not difficult to imagine people shifting to living and working in more sustainable environments.

A Healthy Environment

The pandemic caused large city centers like Tokyo to be avoided due to health concerns. Large city centers have more doctoral services on demand but people may start to prioritize virus prevention and mental care within their lifestyle.

For elements such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation, tourism, buildings, consumption, education, and community, having participation in SDGs / ESG to provide options for a sustainable community will add value to the company. Borderless from countries, religions, and races, it creates value to people and companies at a global scale.

We believe that the key factor into sustainable urban development is real estate. Applying ESG to the real estate field that is globally releasing 40% of greenhouse gases will not just be about resolved energy efficiency or a reduction of greenhouse gas emission.

Applying SDGs / ESG to an advanced real estate asset management results in urbanization, shift in demographics, climate change, technology, and labor form. As this adapts to the global change in the environment and trend, it is the primary factor in expanding value to the real estate, community, town, and city.

EaSyGo provides real estate owners and managers an appropriate tool in order for individuals to have a change in sustainable action, through the field of “buildings”. This service allows the “dots” and the “lines” to intertwine into an opportunity for a groundbreaking sustainable change that is made possible due to the infrastructure.

For individuals to unconsciously follow sustainable change, EaSyGo will provide the real estate users motives, measures, evaluations, and compathy. All on a personalized level for sustainable actions to be made possible.

Sustainability spreads from individuals to communities, communities to towns, and from towns to cities.