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GOYOH Co., Ltd. is a real estate tech company that provides sustainable real estate management services which integrates real estate and technology. It provides a real estate ESG platform  “EaSyGo” that visualizes SDGs / ESG in various aspects such as food, clothing, transportation, consumption, community, buildings, resilience, wellness, etc., and provides sustainability solutions and add values to institutional investors, real estate companies, and individual real estate users, and communities.

GOYOH is also a member of the Global Scientific & Investor Committee of CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor), a leading real estate decarbonization organization/initiation for global institutional investors. Additionally, GOYOH has also steadily developed the business of “ESG x Real Estate Management x Global” in the fields of global real estate investments, fundraising, and ESG management for institutional investors, by leveraging our specialized knowledge and experience as a pioneer in the industry.

About EaSyGo

EaSyGo provides real estate managers / owners, institutional investors and companies (tenants) with services on ESG and climate change countermeasures, and visualization of CO2 emissions and reduction. EaSyGo is a service that focuses on enhancing real estate value through quantifying / visualizing positive social impact, providing concrete ESG measures, options and incentives, and engaging the stakeholders with more ESG efforts through promoting behavior changes for sustainability. It is an all-in-one tool for tenant engagement and investor disclosure and access.

Meet The Team

We're an award-winning multidisciplinary team based in Tokyo with team members who have diversified cultural backgrounds and expertise across global real estate capital markets, sustainability and ESG, fund investments and asset management, wellness and more.
We work with businesses and people to create a more sustainable and green society.

“"EaSyGo is adding significant ESG value to our portfolios in Japan!"”

EaSyGo UserESG Manager
CEO and Founder

Yukihiko Ito

Yukihiko Ito, CEO and Founder
Yukihiko Ito is an international entrepreneur and a specialist in global real estate capital markets. In 2006, at the age of 23, he founded an asset management company for hospitality assets in New York, and in 2008, he founded Asterisk Realty to provide solutions and value-add real estate services for global institutional investors, investment funds, and ultra HNW / family office investors.
In 2018, Ito founded GOYOH Inc., a startup specializing in PropTech. GOYOH provides ESG real estate services through the platform of “EaSyGo”, with a focus on creating the soft value and social impact in real estate through ESG solutions from the perspective of global investors and fund managers.


Manabu Iwamoto

Manabu Iwamoto, CTO of GOYOH Inc. has over 20 years of experience in the IT sector.

In 1999, Manabu started his IT career with the XML conversion project of official gazettes published by the government. After that, while studying Mechanical Engineering at college, he worked as a designer for about two years to improve the UI design of a financial core system at Addo Business Consultants Co., Ltd. After graduation, Manabu started his own tech company which focused on web production.

In his early career, Manabu worked on the development and operation of web services at Livedoor Co., Ltd. under Mr. Tsuyoshi Idezawa (currently CEO of LINE Corporation). He had worked as CTO at three IT companies, developed more than 500 corporate sites, launched more than 10 in-house services, and accumulated comprehensive experience in technology development and managing and training of engineers/programmers.


Weidi Zhang

Weidi Zhang

Partner, Head of Sustainability Analytics & Social Impact, EaSyGo

Asset Manager

Noriko Marzolf

Noriko Marzolf

ESG Asset Management & Customer Success

Wellness Specialist

Rio Hoshizuki

Rio Hoshizuki

Wellness Specialist

Delivering Sustainable Options to Everyone 

Message from President and CEO, Yukihiko Ito.

Amidst the global mega-trend of climate change mitigation, the real estate industry bears significant responsibility on the frontline and possesses the power to shape the future world.

With over 15 years of experience in the realm of global real estate investment and expertise in introducing real estate ESG to institutional investors, I have felt a lack of fundamental methods and approaches within real estate regarding themes like climate change mitigation and ESG. This led me to develop the EaSyGo service starting from the year 2020.

While initiatives pertaining to climate change mitigation and ESG in the current real estate industry have been advancing on a grand scale, primarily led by global corporations, institutional investors, governments, and international bodies, involving all stakeholders related to real estate in driving improvement and generating substantial change has been lacking progress in my view.

Bringing “Real Change” from Real Estate in Response to Climate Change In the journey towards achieving a decarbonized society, we believe that startup enterprises play a crucial role in generating “real change.” EaSyGo is a startup venture that takes a step towards fostering this “real change” for society.

Built upon our extensive experience in the global real estate market, our business concept is designed not only for the domestic market but also for global expansion. We have garnered interest from international entities, and we are actively engaging in practical demonstrations and experiments, including the concept of smart cities.

As we proceed with expansion into domestic and global markets, we will strive to fulfill our vision of “delivering sustainable choices to everyone.”


Company Profile

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ITO Yukihiko
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10,000,000 JPY
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