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EaSyGo ESG in Real Estate

EaSyGo provides an all-in-one tool that allows real estate owners and managers to work with tenants and users to enhance ESG efforts and reduce GHG emissions. EaSyGo functions cover ESG measurement and analysis, engagement and enhancement, reporting and financing.

Our Main Features







EaSyGo offers unique ESG solutions for various type of real estate assets


Comfortable, Healthy and Safe Office Environment & Improved Productivity


Sustainability in Clothing, Food and Housing;
Creation of Local Communities


Providing Sustainable Commercial Programs to Tenants and Users


Creating Sustainable & Environment-friendly Tourism and Positive Cycles

Case Studies

Nudge Project

Decarbonization Joint Project with the Ministry of the Environment

La Douceur Tenant Engagement

ResiGo Tenant Engagement Service for multifamily assets and portfolios

ESG Real Estate Approaches of E (Hard Aspect) and S / G (Soft Aspect)

Hard ESG – Real estate owner’s asset level decisions


  • Environmentally focused capital investment and building certification
  • A data management system and visualization tool for reporting and managing building energy usage including water, light, heat consumption and waste. It also includes modeling tools that predict consumption costs and greenhouse gas reductions. Through providing this information to asset  managers and tenants, it will improve transparency and leads to behavioral changes.



Soft ESG – Measurements focused on real estate managers and tenants (people)


  • Monitoring Tenant Engagement and Awareness
  • The focus is on raising awareness between real estate managers and tenants in environmental decisions and building and strengthening collaboration. The goal is to improve resource efficiency and provide tenants/users with a healthy and productive living, working and lodging environment.



What is ESG in Real Estate?