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Approximately 30% of the world’s greenhouse gases

come from buildings’ daily activities

World CO2 emissions Real Estate

According to the UN, 40% of the global greenhouse gases are produced by buildings, and an additional 30% is due to daily activities around buildings. The tenant’s actions greatly impact the whole building’s energy consumption. Although domestic real estates show rising interest in introducing ESG, currently, only hard-ESG that focuses on the energy consumption reduction on the building by real estate owners themselves is mainly considered for the initiative.

Meanwhile, research and practical studies performed overseas suggest that a large percentage of energy reduction in buildings are not from the building design or machinery, but from the tenant’s daily activities. The act of the tenants provides a large impact on building energy consumption.

Although it is proven that real estate with high levels of Soft-ESG literacy have elevated income and value, the domestic real estate market is untouched fields due to scarce data and expertise on Soft-ESG that includes the collaboration of all stakeholders.

Strengthening Soft ESG

Integrating with Hard ESG

Creating Synergy to Enhance Asset Value

EaSyGo is a tool for real estate owners who are specializing in the “soft” ESG strategies.

EaSyGo will establish communication between real estate owners and tenants (users) and share the effects and goals of ESG.

EaSyGo also provides community services and lifestyle services to realize a healthy and productive living , working, and accommodation environment.

  • Sharing with tenants who have a track record to link soft and hard ESG efforts
  • Enlightenment of ESG target for the tenants
  • Sharing of ESG measurements and effects with the tenants
  • Providing the tenants with specific options/solutions to achieve their goals
  • Providing various lifestyle and community services in the themes of ESG, health & wellness, productivity and sustainability


Real Estate Value

EaSyGo – offering ESG solutions for the real estate owners and asset managers with unique ESG measures that provide sustainable lifestyle choices for the real estate tenants

The introduction of ESG is attracting attention and demand rapidly in domestic Japanese real estate markets; however, currently, most of real estate players focus their efforts on the hard ESG aspect, such as building energy consumption, which can be improved by real estate owners.

However, advanced practical research from overseas ESG leaders suggests that most of the energy savings in buildings are controlled by the day-to-day activities of tenants, not by building design and equipment. Tenant behavior can have a significant impact on the energy consumption of the entire building.

Through successful tenant engagement (soft ESG), EaSyGo provides an asset-specific ESG model that influences behavioral changes and energy consumption, and engages all stakeholders in different fields such as environment, health & wellness, and community etc.

The Real Estate Tools to achieve SDGs