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To apply changes to “trends called sustainability” from “specific action for sustainability”

Sustainable Fashion

"A movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice."

Sustainable Meat

It requires less natural resources and emits fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Nowadays, the term “sustainable” has been used more commonly commercially, but within that, there are products and services that have unclear effects and outcomes even if “sustainable” is made for its theme.

For example, “Sustainable fashion” and “Sustainable beef” products are seen on commercials, social media, restaurant menus, and in many other contexts.

Amazingly, the sustainable concept is being seen more in society, but there are still unclear points such as “On what basis can we call something sustainable?” or “How efficient is it statistically?”

Currently, it must be put into consideration that factual numbers that represent sustainability are rarely exhibited in society. Without practical methods and comparisons made by socially understood “measurements”, sustainability will become an unconvincing term in the commercial industry. In other words, it can just become one of the trends made in commerce.

(Eg.)Comparison of GHG emission depending on eating style

Shifting “trends called sustainability” to “specific action for sustainability”

By being able to visualize the effectiveness of sustainability for products and services, it changes “trending products named with sustainability” to “products that specifically show the action towards sustainability”.

Our company EaSyGo believes that by providing methods and opportunities to view sustainability in socially understood “measurements” to many people and companies, it will become an important first step to allow our next generation to inherit opportunities.

Even with the online market expanding, the fact that real estates are where people and companies have their center point will not be any different.

EaSyGo provides...

Real estate owners and managers an appropriate tool in order for individuals to have a change in sustainable action, through the field of “buildings”. This service allows the “dots” and the “lines” to intertwine into an opportunity for a groundbreaking sustainable change that is made possible due to the infrastructure.

For individuals to unconsciously follow sustainable change, EaSyGo will provide the real estate users motives, measures, evaluations, and compathy. All on a personalized level for sustainable actions to be made possible.

Sustainability spreads from individuals to communities, communities to towns, and from towns to cities.