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Providing a large scale and efficient Sustainable option to people and society by utilizing real estates.

ESG related actions in the real estate field do not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also have a way to indirectly neutralize them.

“Carbon neutral” refers to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by offsetting the emission from companies by tree-planting programs.

A familiar example would be when you purchase an airline ticket, airline companies would show a carbon-neutral option for an extra fee.

The greenhouse gas emission and the offset price for one person to travel from Tokyo (Haneda) to Sanfrancisco (all round) on United Airlines.

By applying this formula to a variety of people in multiple areas, it is possible to have high expectations in a successful sustainable method.

Therefore, it is an ongoing task of resolving the issue on when the carbon-neutral option should be presented.

Nowadays, it must be mandatory to present consumers with carbon-neutral options whether it’s for boarding an airplane or purchasing a product. However, as much as each individual company needs to apply more effort, it cannot be seen as a productive method for either the company or the consumer.

A Wide-Angled, Effective Carbon-Neutral Option Presented by Real Estate ESG Technology

Our company, EaSyGo has focused on “where” these activities are taking place.
The answer is buildings (real estate).

Buildings are where people live, eat, work, find entertainment, travel, and shop as along with most of our activities.

The concept of EaSyGo is to naturally merge into people’s activities within the building and provide carbon-neutral and offset options, in order to contribute a wide-angled and effective carbon-neutral option to people and society.

EaSyGo provides real estate owners and managers an appropriate tool in order for individuals to have a change in sustainable action, through the field of “buildings”. This service allows the “dots” and the “lines” to intertwine into an opportunity for a groundbreaking sustainable change that is made possible due to the infrastructure.

For individuals to unconsciously follow sustainable change, EaSyGo will provide the real estate users motives, measures, evaluations, and compathy. All on a personalized level for sustainable actions to be made possible.

Sustainability spreads from individuals to communities, communities to towns, and from towns to cities.