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Exclusive Access to Traditional Japanese Hotels

You have not truly experienced Japanese "Omotenashi" hospitality until you have stayed in a traditional Japanese hotel called Ryokan. Book through our bespoke service and get free access to GOYOH on top of your booking.

Stay at a Ryokan with GOYOH

The Top of Japanese Hospitality

Ryokan are a perfect image of Japanese values and a pure symbol of  hospitality. High privacy, traditional rooms and top-notch service.

Beautiful Design

Wooden houses, paper-decorated sliding doors, floors covered with straw mats and more make a stay at a Ryokan a unique experience.

Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Try “Kaiseki” cuisine and have a taste of Japan’s unique flavours and ingredients. Let your heart and stomach experience the culinary legacy of Japan.

A Place Where Time & Space Stand Still

Keeping Tradition Alive in a Modern World

Japanese traditional hotels can look back on a long history that started in the 8th century. They typically feature tatami-matted rooms, integrated hot springs and traditional Japanese cuisine. All these can be enjoyed while wearing yukata (a casual cotton kimono) and sleeping on futons.

Japanese Cuisine Perfected Over Centuries

Enjoy Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Served in the guests’ room traditional Japanese cuisine is called Kaiseki and features a variety of local and seasonal delicacies. Kaiseki consists of many small dishes of different tastes, textures and temperatures. Each item is a taste adventure on its own that has been carefully composed to emphasize its unique flavours.

Revive Your Body & Soul

Bath in a Japanese “Onsen” Hot Spring

There is nothing better than relaxing your body in hot thermal water after a day of sightseeing. The natural benefits of the minerals will sooth your skin and ease your mind. Private baths are availlabe to enjoy some quality time with your family and loved ones.

Only on GOYOH

Exclusive Access to Traditional Japanese Ryokan

GOYOH will open the doors to exclusive Ryokan for you to fully enjoy your experience in Japan. This is a bespoke service where we will match your desires to the best facilities.

Contact us to create your personal Ryokan experience!