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In mid November, Niseko is still full of beige and earthy colours of autumn but at nights, you can already feel the chill from the wind, but the cold will not stop the international skiers and snowboarders from hitting the powdery slopes, among them, a number of UHNWI (ultra high-net-worth individuals) and HNWI (high-net-worth individuals) are also Niseko fanatic powder seekers.

These high-end clients are catered to stay in luxury chalets/villas and with private transfers, butlers and chefs. They are most likely to be coming back every year too as some of them own a holiday home here in Niseko. Going on a ski holiday is not cheap. The consumption of the wealthy guests are even beyond comparison.

GOYOH’s mission is to connect the local community to these inbound visitors as a bridging agent and help the local economy with our network and connection throughout Japan nationally.

At the moment, the stores and hotels are quiet with customers but very busy with staff training as this is the time when young professionals from all over the world coming to Japan through working holiday programs as hotel staff or ski instructors etc… to help with such a large demand during the peak season of Niseko.

The peak season in Niseko starts from December to March. During this time, the supply of service and accommodation cannot meet with such large demand resulting somehow a stressful holiday for the guests. We are hoping to use next generation technology to assist with current issue and create more opportunities for the local community to step up and catch up on the demand.

GOYOH is also helping bring the wealthy over to Niseko in the summer season which has great potential considering its restaurants selections and the natural beauty. We focus on the ‘gourmet’, ‘wellness’ and ‘arts & crafts’ as our main attraction of the summer Niseko and develop services around these themes with the local businesses.

We are keen to invite Japanese or international artists, wellness experts, culinary chefs, experience providers and so on to come join the GOYOH network and be part of the growth of our hospitality.

GOYOH sees Niseko has great potential in its coming years to be on the top out of worlds best snow resorts and we hope you can join us for the adventure.