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The Perfect Partner to Travel Agencies

If you are working for a Travel Agency, let us explain how we can support you by implementing our IT concierge service GOYOH.

To Travel Agencies

GOYOH is a platform tailored for ultra high net worth individuals where various national high-end products, services and experiences are exclusively available. Based on our clients’ requests and lifestyles, we constantly adapt to them and do our best to create new outstanding contents.

For now, we have mainly contacts in Niseko, Setouchi Area, Tokyo, Hakuba (Nagano) and we are planning to go one step further in stretching our services all over Japan. Hence, we would be delighted to take care of your guests and arrange every additional thing they may need during their travel.

We sincerely think that working with overseas travel agencies can be a great opportunity for us to provide our services, exclusive Japanese products & experiences to your guests while helping them to have the greatest stay possible here.


GOYOH’s luxury service can take care of many things for you, allowing your team to focus on present customers only. 

  • Planning meticulously anything according to your guests’ requests
  • Booking for high-end restaurants, transportation, etc. without waiting
  • Assisting your guests online 24/7
  • Special lodging facilities’ partnerships to offer exclusive rates

Acquisition of Further Services & Value Improvement

  •  Rediscovery of customers’ needs
  • Augmentation of your own value by offering outstanding contents which surpass your precedent services

Travel agencies have to handle many different customers with different profiles. Some of them prefer to wake up early and rest on a beach the whole day in paradisiac islands while some others would like to try new authentic experiences or meet locals for cultural activities.

Furthermore, the world is incredibly wide and it is not always easy to answer customers’ needs, all the more so in a foreign country generally little known. It is even truer when it comes to Japan where culture, language, and time zone are so different.

GOYOH’s team is fully composed of luxury tourism professionals who have been exploring thoroughly Japan for a long time now. This is why there is no place, no products or traditional activities we did not hear about, which is why we can always propose the best pearls to everyone.

Guests' Privileges

GOYOH’s luxury service can highly contribute to increase the quality of your clients’ travel in Japan

  • Multilingual team (English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew)
  • Get access to a wide range of exclusive products & experiences
  • Request booking for highly popular restaurants where reservations are needed at least 6 months in advance
  • Always available and easily reachable through our online Concierge Service Platform

Permanent & Limitless Services 

  • Our services are available before, during, and after travel
  • Enlargement of services to propose to your guests with new contents in restoration, spa, transportation and shopping

The multilingual interface GOYOH, aimed at travel agencies, managers of luxury residences and lodging facilities specialized for inbound high net worth individuals, is supplying unique experiences and high-end services tailored for this clientele. By managing seamlessly the optimization of the quality of facilities’ services, we raise profit opportunities for each one while we are also increasing added values.

We answer your Guests' specific Requests and set you free from tedious Communications

International ultra high net worth individuals often have a lot of demands during their travels away from lodging facilities. They may ask for a vegan diet, highly popular restaurant bookings or particular transportation means among other things, but they do not necessarily speak English or Japanese and don’t always ask in advance what they want. That being said, thanks to our large network and international team, GOYOH can make miracles happen while directly answering your customers in their mother tongue.

Unforgettable Experiences for the Guest is the Key to feeling true Convenience

Our service aims to offer exceptional convenience to travel agencies, lodging facility managers, users and guests, but our substantial goal lies in giving unforgettable experiences to our clients.

Convenience is not meant to hinder the unexpected, the peace of mind or the naturalness that lodging accommodations are providing through our services since it is, on the contrary, one of the factors needed to live unforgettable experiences to the fullest.

Hence, we deeply wish to help our customers to live extraordinary times here and we are always striving in order to realize it.