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Multidirectional communication

in order to provide sustainability.

By providing sustainable options within real estates where people find “live, work, and entertainment” it is possible to subconsciously apply the change to their behavior and actions. Which will help to resolve SDG themes such as Climate change, Food loss, Good Health and well-being.

Tenants and building visitors are a profound stakeholder for real estates and communities because their daily actions involving environmental impact will not just be their own actions, but will become the community’s actions. They have the underlying ability to outcast the real estate owner’s alone effort to bring change.

However, unfortunately, in today’s real estate industry for ESG, real estate owners have the tendency to conclude with self-contained strategies (especially with building structures), and communication has been a one-way road for stakeholders including tenants. No forms of synergy are demonstrated with the collaboration from each of the stakeholders.

Multidirectional Communication from Real Estate ESG Technology

With multidirectional communication between the stakeholders and appropriate technology applied, more successful execution of E (Environment), S (Social), G (Governance) can be accomplished. A large impact on sustainability will be brought in units of buildings and communities.

By effectively using real estate ESG technology and allowing sustainable acts to take place, enhancing the value of the real estate, making rent higher, improving tenant retention rate, and adding value to the local community.

As another example of utilizing technology, conducting and sending surveys for satisfaction levels to tenants and visitors can be more cost and time-efficient. A once unidirectional process can become multidirectional by constantly and seamlessly connecting with stakeholders and acquiring feedback can be done cheaper and easier.

EaSyGo provides real estate owners and managers an appropriate tool in order for individuals to have a change in sustainable action, through the field of “buildings”. This service allows the “dots” and the “lines” to intertwine into an opportunity for a groundbreaking sustainable change that is made possible due to the infrastructure. 

For individuals to unconsciously follow sustainable change, EaSyGo will provide the real estate users motives, measures, evaluations, and compathy.
All on a personalized level for sustainable actions to be made possible.

Sustainability spreads from individuals to communities, communities to towns, and from towns to cities.